Donate to make boating safer

Each year, we lose over 600 lives to recreational boating accidents. Your donation will help support programs to educate, teach, and inform boaters about how to be safer on the water

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The NSBC supports boating safety partners like the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary. Here is one story showing the difference your contribution can make.

Jackson, an 8-year-old boy who participated in a U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary swim lesson, became exceedingly animated when he told the following story:

"I was fishing on a dock one day. No life jacket. I caught a fish! Only I did not know I was afraid of fish! I was not sure what to do and jumped back and fell into the water! I was so scared and could only see so much dark, blue, black, yucky. I could not see how to go. I could not find my way out. My daddy jumped in and saved me."

"I like trying on life jackets and will always wear one when I go fishing or go in a boat. I want everyone in my family to wear one. Thank you for teaching me."

Together, we can reach girls and boys like Jackson to make boating safer for everyone!